Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pocket pickers on road

Today in India prices getting very high, and big part of money is consumed by hike in price. But it is not limit

then many taxes are like income tax, house tax, service tax, vat etc. And as one put his /her foot on road

pocket pickers are ready. Not few but in each road to pick one's left money. and cut the pocket of each not

one, but none is to see. In India specially in Lucknow capital of up is case. Pocket pickers have changed the

way in new tech. As you move on road we see vehicle stands in each 100 meter distance. Two wheeler Rs.

10, car Rs. 20, cycle Rs. 5.And Pocket is picked as one go school, bank etc daily.

If one moves thrice a day by two wheeler then sure loose Rs. 3*10=30  daily means  Rs. 30* 30= 900 Per

month  and Rs.900*12=10800 in year by one Who has two wheeler loose Rs.10800 = 4 gm gold .  Means

Open robbery. Each owner of two wheeler  is robbed 4 gm gold item sure in year. And if 30000 two

wheeler owner in city 10800*30000=324000000 ,thirty two crore  year by a big city.

If one earns Rs 12000 in a month , then One month salary is picked. So What to do ?


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