Thursday, October 10, 2013

Great efforts but greed of few

It is very said to say that majority of the peoples are very good but there are few who have put themselves

so much in greed that they don't care others. In our society we find some people who are so great,

passionate to help each mankind, but these are greedy people who are ready to destroy great efforts of few

& depriving most people gaining what for they deserve. These bad elements have not come from sky, they

are with in society among us. They have murdered their human values. They are not bound in any caste,

religion, race, country, state. They may be in any religion, country etc. Unfortunately most people fail to

recognize them in first hand. They misuse human nature. Such bad elements first create trust and then they

cheat you in a modern style. As we all know now these days networking is new advance technology. And

with noble efforts of few it has been an option for general person to be prosperous but so what these

corrupted greedy fellows are ready to cut pockets of most human beings. Many people are looking for an

option for better peaceful life, taking the advantage of this simple mistake of human emotions they have

destoyed or ready to destroy noble vision of great one,s. In many foolproof educational system to be

successful in mlm,these few bad top earners are taking wrong advantage of major purpose of functions, cd,

books. they have No care for the success of new fellows. May be owners of that system may not be aware

of this fact. I dont say the system is wrong, system is proven but these few middle agent are responsible for

corruption. they are at one side cheating common mens and on the other side destroying the great efforts of

noble sprits. It is shameful.............

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pocket pickers on road

Today in India prices getting very high, and big part of money is consumed by hike in price. But it is not limit

then many taxes are like income tax, house tax, service tax, vat etc. And as one put his /her foot on road

pocket pickers are ready. Not few but in each road to pick one's left money. and cut the pocket of each not

one, but none is to see. In India specially in Lucknow capital of up is case. Pocket pickers have changed the

way in new tech. As you move on road we see vehicle stands in each 100 meter distance. Two wheeler Rs.

10, car Rs. 20, cycle Rs. 5.And Pocket is picked as one go school, bank etc daily.

If one moves thrice a day by two wheeler then sure loose Rs. 3*10=30  daily means  Rs. 30* 30= 900 Per

month  and Rs.900*12=10800 in year by one Who has two wheeler loose Rs.10800 = 4 gm gold .  Means

Open robbery. Each owner of two wheeler  is robbed 4 gm gold item sure in year. And if 30000 two

wheeler owner in city 10800*30000=324000000 ,thirty two crore  year by a big city.

If one earns Rs 12000 in a month , then One month salary is picked. So What to do ?


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fdi India

Now these days there is a big noise of fdi in India, A long debate held whether it is profitable for

public or not?, on parliament both in Loksabha and Rajya Sabha. And bill of fdi passed in both

loksabha and rajya sabha by voting. In live discussion held in parliament all saw, Majority of mebers

 argued against fdi, and claimed it is lossful. But question arises ? When majority of people in live

telecast declared fdi a loss of public then how it got passed ? And question still stand whether fdi is

profitable or lossful ? At one end majority of members argued against fdi then why bill of loss being

passed ? In order to get any bill passed two third majority is necessary. and majority were fully

against fdi. What a misleading ?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Big financial scams in India and CAG

In India 2G spectrum scam, Coal mining scam has taken big attention of media. Where thousands of

crore involved.These scams highlighted after CAG (The Comptoller And Auditorial General)

produced its report.CAG in India is an authority, established by the Constitution of India.CAG audits

all receipts and expenditure of the Government of India and the state governments, including bodies

and authorities substantially financed by the government.The CAG is also the external auditor of

government-owned companies.

2G Spectrum scam

A CAG report estimated loss of Rs.30,983,55 crore. In a chargesheet filed on April 2011 by the

CBI, the agency shown the loss Rs.176,540 crore. Supreme Court of India cancilled all the 122

licenses issued in 2008 against a Pil during period of A.Raja, minister for communications & IT of

that time,the main accused.The court further said that A. Raja "wanted to favour some companies.

Revenue loss calculation was further established on August 2012 when according to the directions of

Supreme Court,Govt of India revised the reserve price for 2G spectrum to Rs.13,788 crore.

Coal Mine Scam

In 2012 The CAG report criticised the Government by saying it had the authority to allocate coal

blocks by a process of bidding, not by chose.As a result,both public sector enterprises and private

firms paid less than they might have otherwise. In its draft report CAG estimated that the "windfall

gain" to the allocatees was Rs.1,067,303 crore.The CAG Final Report tabled in Parliament shown

figure Rs.185,591 crore While the initial CAG report suggested that coal blocks could have been

resulting in more revenue to the government, at no point did it suggest that corruption was involved

in the allotment of coal. In 2012, however, the question of corruption came to discussion. In reaction

 to a complaint by the opposition, the Central Vigilance Commission asked the CBI to investigate the

matter. The CBI named a dozen Indian firms in a First Information Report FIR. These FIRs accuse

them of overstating their net worth.

If we analyze most scams we find that Persons in authority with colloboration of business persons

either relative or known, perform such scams.At one side we see government loss on other side

 Business entity as described above produce false benifits of their companies. And Investor also face

 big losses by these companies if these are listed in stock exchange.

corruption today by online shopping sites

This is to bring in your notice that most of shopping online compnies are cheating customers in a new

 way. By such compnies alot of Tv ads are shown to public.And when customer orderes for product

and pay. Similar product of different features as mentioned is sent. If we check,There being

hidden change in code like pw,pvv or more. If  you contact such compnies it is said "by mistake this

product is being sent, kindly return it to us". We will send you origional, God knows Which is

origional. So beaware from these companies.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Corruption today in Bsnl 2012

This is latest corruption in BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigma Ltd) Lucknow. In the name of value added

services daily mobile balances are being cut. Customer get fake message "you are subscribed to such

an such... service" for which he had not applied."If you want to Unsubscribe send SMS to Number

XXXXX". If One does not care, amount of that service is being cut. And if On send Unsubscribe Sms

 then Rs. 2 is certain to cut. Openly such a fraud is being done by BSNL. But there is none to action

against them. Assume how much money is being made, and aside One say "Money does not grow on

 tree". It means money is grown like this.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Right to information and corruption in India

In India where the issue of corruption is very serious. In this phase the statement of Prime minister that

 misuse of RTI is being and it need amendments if it is correct?. It is the RTI by which most of scams are

coming before public. At one side prime minister says money does not grow on trees but what current

scams shows corruption of thousand of crores. When general public is using this act to know reality of

persons. Then government say RTI is being misused. India is still developing on other hand Japan which lost

every thing in World war had become developed many years before. India should also become developed

but it is corruption a constraint.